Color Guard Demonstrates Multiple Art Techniques Through A Single Sport


Julissa Alvarado, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Color Guard has had their ups and downs just like other teams may have, especially because of COVID-19. The Gondos had to get the hang of all these new changes.   

“But, overall, they had a successful season,” said Coach Kehlani Nakamura. 

Color Guard consists of flags, rifles, sabres, dance, and many more performing arts techniques involved within the sport. 

“We are really all about having fun and creating a close bond with our teammates,” Nakamura said. 

“They have had a great season overall, they have been doing amazing. 

They received top 5 in their division, and not only that, but during the winter they received top 3 at their competitions with the exception of 8th out of 24 championships after losing many team members and coaches,” they said. 

Senior co-captain Sabrina Fribourg has been a Color Guard member since sophomore year, and according to her, although this season was her last, it was an enjoyable one. 

“Color Guard and Winter Guard was the best it could be,” Fribourg said.

“Many guard members have fun during practices and during competitions thanks to Mr. Lee and Kehlani.”

Something new for the team this year is their competition distance, going from local to new locations to give the program more publicity, according to Nakamura.     

Color Guard now competes across L.A. county, Orange county, Riverside county,  and other counties surrounding those areas. Next year, they want to expand even more. 

The team is expected to perform outside in the quad during lunch on Monday, May 23, and will perform at Mark Twain Middle School on Thursday, May 26.

Tryouts for the next upcoming season will take place on June 3.