Venice High Theater Due To Perform ‘Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe’

Eve Cordova, Reporter

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Updated since Wed. Oct. 5, 2022, at 7:17:25 p.m. PT: The location of the play will be The Learning Garden. Click here for tickets.

Venice High’s Theater Production will present Eric Coble’s Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe on October 6 and October 8. *The location of the production is The Learning Garden. Audience members are to enter from the gate between the Adult School and Science Building.*

English teacher Bianca Andrews, the director of the play, describes the story as an amalgamation of four different Edgar Allan Poe stories. 

The story features characters representing different aspects of Edgar Allan Poe’s mind. There are even characters named Edgar and Poe.   

“It’s really spooky with a Halloween feel,” said sophomore Elize Waters, who plays the embodiment of Poe’s story, The Raven.

The actors who will perform in Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe are quite enthusiastic about the production despite the small time frame for rehearsal. 

“The time constraint poses a challenge for returning actors and new actors alike,” Waters said. “It does put a lot of pressure on people who are just getting here this semester, but everyone is really energetic and really looking forward to it.”