Review: Jack Harlow Concert Successfully Brings Out An Authenticity To His Fans

Alina Miller, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The four-time VMA award winner, Jack Harlow, has gotten a successful launch on his “Come Home The Kids Miss You” tour, which kicked off September 6. The Louisville rapper held his third show at the KIA forum in Los Angeles on September 20. The arena was completely sold out, with around 18,000 people attending the concert.

 I, myself, made a last minute decision to go to the Los Angeles show, after seeing the low ticket prices and was gladly surprised at the decency of the seats when I arrived with my friend, since each ticket only cost us about twenty bucks.

As my friend and I entered the arena, we instantly heard the crowd singing along to City Girls, who opened the stage and performed some of their biggest hits, getting the crowd excited and ready for Jack Harlow to come on. 

In the first hour of performing there was an incident in the crowd. Harlow stopped performing to make sure the crowd made enough space for security to come through and help. The show continued after making sure everyone was okay.

He began the concert by singing “Talk of the Town”, and gradually transitioned to different songs, performing around 25 in total, including some of his most popular hits—like “What’s Poppin” and “First Class,” as well as a few songs his fans didn’t expect to hear, due to them not being on the set list. The concert went on for three hours.

Jack Harlow rose to fame extremely fast, with his song “What’s Poppin” blowing up on TikTok in 2020, from which point his music became extremely popular, reaching many different audiences. However, it’s not just his music that brings attention to him; it’s the way he carries himself, being clearly confident, yet down to earth and bluntly honest in his interviews and lyrics, which isn’t something you see many celebrities do.

Junior Lisa Calderon claims it wasn’t just the popular hits Harlow performed that made the concert so fun for everyone. 

“I think the reason the energy was so good was because of Jack Harlow’s crowd work,” she said. “You could tell he genuinely enjoyed performing and wanted to make it a fun experience for his fans.”

Jack Harlow was very involved with the crowd; reading the fans posters, cracking jokes, and even spraying his fans with water using a hose (which is something he has been doing at every show on tour and the crowd seems to love it, though some of the phones are likely in need of repairment now).

At some point he asked who would like to come up and play basketball and everyone in the crowd went feral trying to get picked. The lucky fans that ended up getting brought up on stage received warm hugs from the rapper.

Closing the show, Harlow mentioned that he is looking forward to the future and reaching more people with his music. One of his largest goals is to sell out the Staples Center arena. 

The audience saw Jack get emotional during performing a few times after he let everyone know that this was his largest sold out show yet. He is clearly grateful for his accomplishments, and even paused singing a couple of times to ask the crowd to repeat some of the lines for him again, because he was astonished at how many people were singing along.