Nostalgia Lives On In These Adored Childhood Shows


An illustration of Starfire from Teen Titans Go! done by sophomore Nancy Gaytan

Haley Couch, Reporter

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Childhood shows hold nostalgic memories in everyone’s lives. Some of the most prominent shows from my childhood were H2O: Just Add Water, Pokemon, Teen Titans Go, and Fetch: with Ruff Ruffman.


H2O: Just Add Water

H2O: Just Add Water is such an nolgastic show for me. I used to watch it with my cousins while getting excited to see the humans transforming into mermaids.

It’s a live-action show and the actors play the characters very well. I love how they gain powers from a magic island they found.

Apparently, they were stranded on Mako Island. They were in the pool of water under the full moon and gained powers.

They had to do normal teen things like go to school and have a job. It’s difficult for them because they turn into mermaids when they touch water.

I remember in one of the episodes it was unnatural when Charlotte Watsford turned into a mermaid in the freezer at the cafe. While in the freezer Charlotte got splashed with water in there because they were cleaning.

I feel like this show is more serious and kinda funny. This is the first live-action show I actually liked and fully watched.

What I learned from this show is anything is possible. Even if you turn into a mermaid you can still do human things.


Pokemon has been in everyone’s lives. 

The characters are well drawn, including Brock Harrison, who trains rock-type Pokemon.

Rock-type Pokemon have a rock type feeling to them like Onix that looks like a snake made out of boulders with a fin stuck on its head.

While Brock is friends with Ash Ketchum, one of the most popular characters in the show he brought a lot to the table. I liked him a lot in all the shows and games that were made. 

His clothes changed a lot including;  which is cool to see the change of his character design. His love for Pikachu never changed and they grew stronger together.

I liked that Pikachu didn’t want to evolve, because personally I don’t like the evolution of Pikachu. I treasure how the plot was actually understandable and easy to follow along.

I’ll be sad when this year Ash Ketchum is leaving the scene, as a new character will be the main character like Ash was the past 25 years. Ash was a staple for everyone and since he is leaving it won’t be the same show that I have watched over the years.

Teen Titans Go

Teen Titans Go is a spin-off of the original Teen Titans. I like how you see love and friendship throughout the characters.

I love seeing different colors of skin tone, like the orange for Starfire or even the light green for Beastboy. I feel like the love story between the characters, including Starfire and Robin’s romance, are a good part of the show.

I appreciate how in one of the scenes they talk about how Starfire was being called a Troq (which means “nothing”) and how Cyborg was sad that she was being called that. I feel like they understand what each of them is going through which creates a stronger relationship.

Raven the dark-powered girl is the daughter of a demon, and that demon does multiple pop ins. The dad is really funny and adorable and is also so proud of his daughter.

I believe that this show shows more of what is happening behind the scenes of the everyday life of Teen Titans, showing things like staff meetings and what they eat. They also show how they are as roommates which brings out more personality of the characters. 

I have a soft spot for characters talking differently, like Starfire, who talks in third-person throughout the whole show. 

Fetch: with Ruff Ruffman

Fetch: with Ruff Ruffman is a game show with a dog named Ruff Ruffman and his cat helper Blossom. They share many facts with their viewers, including how far away the earth is from the moon. They show how you can be an employee at an animal shelter, too.

I loved how it had a game show aspect and how you can learn different things in the world. It’s one of my favorite childhood shows that I have watched.

It had five amazing seasons with different kids learning science, math, and many different subjects. The contestants that don’t leave do a halftime quiz show and the questions are sometimes physics-related.

For me now looking back at the questions, they are really hard to answer and they are 10-14 years old. It is insane how the contestants answer so quickly too. 


Every show has nostalgic tendencies for people who watch the shows of  our childhood. We can always rewatch shows to make the feeling come back.