Review: Billie Eilish Performs Hometown Encore Concert In Los Angeles

Photograph by senior Kylie Kamal

Photograph by senior Kylie Kamal

Kylie Kamal

Matthew Estrada, Reporter

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Billie Eilish has influenced many others like me, since her music is really addicting and her voice is really beautiful. To see Billie in a concert is a dream that many people wish to accomplish one day. Her style is like that of many teenagers today that makes them inspired by her.

Billie Elish has toured many cities around the world in 2022 after releasing her album Happier Than Ever in 2021. Eilish previously had a tour set for 2020 but it was canceled due to the pandemic. She had decided to end her 2022 tour in Los Angeles, offering an extra three shows at the KIA Forum on December 13, December 15, and December 16.

Previously she had openers throughout her tour featuring artists such as girl in red, but for these shows she didn’t have anyone open the stage.

There were people camping out days in advance to get that front view of the stage, Though some just decided to get to the arena really early as my friend who had purchased a floor ticket.

During the first day of her show, a local vegan restaurant, Monty’s Good Burger had a truck outside the KIA Forum serving their 100% plant-based menu. It was a huge success that on the second and third days of the show they returned giving away burgers to the first 100 fans to claim them.

Last minute tickets were available for her December 15 show and I purchased a ticket at just $100 for a decent view of the stage. I was on Section 223, Row 2, which gave me a nice direct view of the stage.

When I arrived at the KIA Forum around 6:30PM, I went inside and they were serving a vegan menu from hot dogs to ice cream. I got myself a Vegan Hotdog and it was yummy, it came with fries.

The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 but the lights dimmed at around 8:25 PM, and around 8:28PM an intense roaring sound began to play as the crowd began to scream of excitement. 

The drummer started to drum faster as the background music got intense and the lights were flashing in the whole arena. At exactly 8:30, Billie jumped out and bowed to the crowd. She then started jumping and the stage went red, starting the concert with her song “bury a friend.”

She performed a variety of songs from her newest album, “Happier Than Ever” and the vibe was absolutely amazing. Half way into the show she announced to the crowd that she had a special friend who was coming on stage, then Phoebe Bridgers came out and the crowd screamed of excitement. 

The previous night on the 13th of December, Labrinth came out to perform to the crowd his famous song “Mount Everest.” At the show I attended, Dave Grohl performed “My Hero” alongside Billie, later Phoebe Bridgers performed “Motion Sickness” along with Billie. On the last night of December 16, Billie had Childish Gambino on stage where he performed “Redbone.” 

The show continued for another hour where Billie sang her older hits that brought her into the spotlight from “Ocean Eyes” to “When The Party’s Over.”

At one point of the show, Billie and her brother FINNEAS took a seat in the middle of the stage, while he played the guitar and she sang a couple songs one of them being her popular hit “TV.”

Throughout the show, Billie threw merch at the crowd that was in front of the stage; many desperate fans jumped to catch it, and those who were lucky enough got a shirt. 

Billie assigned a theme for each of her three shows, on December 13 it was pajama-themed, on December 15 it was Christmas-themed and on December 16 it was party-themed, since her birthday was coming up.

Before closing her show, she announced she would sing a Christmas song,  “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. 

After that, a confetti shower went off signaling she was going to perform her last song. She sang her most popular song at the moment “Happier Than Ever.” I think the crowd was the loudest during this song.