Titanic’s Re-Release Is An Opportunity To Seize The Movie On The Big Screen

Alex Esparza, Co-Engagement Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Especially around Valentine’s Day, people rush to see films like James Cameron’s Titanic, which re-released on February 10. 

Since Titanic was first released in 1997, the movie stayed comfortably in the highest grossing film charts, and I’m not surprised.

With a cinematic masterpiece like Titanic, it’s still one of the best blockbusters in the box office making $2.8 billion dollars since the initial release, yet its a movie that’s been gaining traction for years now, with it winning 111 awards in the industry to 162 nominations for all kinds of awards from the actors/acting, to the cinematography, even the soundtrack. 

I was personally excited for this re-release because Titanic has been one of my favorite movies  to date, and the fact that this event is happening in the most romantic month of the year sets the scene for frequent watchers and new-comers to this classic. 

Many friends of mine were flocking to buy tickets, which again I’m not surprised. With the recent release of another Cameron film, Avatar 2: The Way of Water, I find it amazing that he’s coming back with an entire new movie along with re-releasing one of his best works.

If you haven’t watched Titanic before—what are you waiting for?  The movie is an epic romantic disaster with an extremely sad ending, I might say. 


Jack is a down low, free spirited, earnest, rebellious guy from America, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who wins over the heart of Rose, played by Kate Winslet. Winslet’s character captures the sophisticated yet rebellious girl who wants to be free from her mother’s image of her becoming a rich heiress and marrying wealthy.

Their story is one of my favorite plots as it is based on a real event, but DiCaprio and Winslet make it seem so real. The romance between Jack and Rose is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the movie, especially with Cameron’s striking set up of the plot and the special connection people have from totally different backgrounds.

The trust Jack and Rose build is also astounding. The fun, romantic times they share brings out my emotions and makes me want to watch this movie over and over again—I fall for Leo every time.

The frame that begins the film, featuring Rose at 101-years-old recapping what happened on the Titanic, is also extraordinary. It’s another great part of the story as others begin to listen and understand her story. 


As soon as I saw the preview, my best friend and I were determined to see it on the big screen since this is an experience not many people have. Reliving this experience through the re-release is something that doesn’t happen everyday.

The movie will be in theaters for only four days, so it’s the best time to go see it with your Valentine or better yet— grab some friends to go see it!