‘The Way Of Water’ Is Yet Another Cameron Hit For The World Of Avatar

Kayla Wilson, Features Editor

( Spoilers !!!! ) 

After a decade of waiting for James Cameron to produce Avatar 2, it finally came! When the trailer was released, I’ve never been so excited to watch the movie. Just by the title Avatar The Way Of Water I was excited to see this movie unfold. 

Viewing Experience 

Definitely something I loved about the movie itself with it in theaters is the choices of screening you have to be able to watch the film. 

You can watch it in regular, 3D, 4D, IMAX, and ICE Immersive (which is super cool). 

Pricing of tickets overall is fair depending on the screening you chose to watch it in—obviously 4D and Ice immersive will be a bit more expensive than regular and 3D—but it’s definitely worth it. 

I watched the film in regular 3D, and 4D IMAX, and let me just say all three were amazing but 4D was definitely an experience and one of my favorites. 

You really felt like you were in the movie—the chairs moved with the movie and there was also a light air spray meant for water and even a flower-like scent when it came to the forest scenes. 

The only part that threw me off a bit was the small little punches in the seat you feel behind your back from the gunshots or punches, but hey, the more experience the better. 

It felt really cool to be able to move with the movie, especially the Banshee scenes and any of the Ilu scenes in the water. 

It all felt so real as well as all the fighting action scenes became a roller coaster just for a minute. If you have bad motion sickness or very sensitive eyesight, I wouldn’t recommend it because the seats are moving and it is 3D, but if not, I would definitely recommend it. 

As for the looks and scenery of the film, I was already excited by the trailer. 

What can I say about another Avatar movie that impressed me? They don’t lie when they say his work is truly incredible because of the colors and beauty of this movie. They are something I’ll never get out of my head.

Just like in the first movie, the forest was beautiful, with all plants and animals. The scenery for this movie was honestly impressive, especially all the water and underwater scenes. 

Of course, we all know James Cameron is great regarding water, so I wasn’t expecting anything less from this film. 

The way all the animals were created and brought up was awesome. I loved seeing all the new sea animals made like Ilu’s, Skimwings (also called Tsurak), Tulkun, and even smaller creatures like a Gill Mantles (a fairy-like jellyfish). 

All the colors of the sea and underwater scenes felt like you were there swimming yourself. I liked how it really shows the beauty and importance of the sea animals and how close it is to reality. 

I think what was unique is all the Na’vi names Cameron created to call all these water creatures as he did with the first one with all the forest animals. 

I loved all the small details of each atmosphere and each environment throughout the movie. The detail was definitely something to pay attention to in the movie. 

The Plot 

Personally, I liked the plot a lot. It definitely has a lot of emotion and strong messages, getting to know all the new characters. Their personalities were exciting and how they played their role in the movie and storyline. 

The plot of the movie is about the adventure of Jake Sully and Neytiri raising their kids and finding a way to protect their family from the sky people attacking their home and family. They learn to adapt to learning new ways of living by getting accepted to live with Metkayina Clan.

The storyline of watching  Jake and Neytiri being parents to their four kids was honestly something I was waiting to see.

I think the plot of the sky people returning as well as Quaritch was shocking yet spicy. I found it cool having the idea to bring Quaritch back as an Avatar but also by his memories, not his actual character as a human. I think that it was a good way to bring him back, disregarding my anger toward his character (but that’s what we all have with different characters). 

Having a new experience with different Na’vi was something I enjoyed the most. Experiencing the ways of the water Na’vi and how they live in a different part of Pandora was something I enjoyed a lot about the movie. 

We got to see not only a new Na’vi but more strong messages in the film relating to our earth in reality. 

For example, it highlights how humankind kills and destroys the homes of these beautiful sea or ocean animals for useless and sad reasons like money or products to us that aren’t really as important as we think it is. 

It showed how close the water Na’vi were to their animals, especially the Tulkun just like how the forest Na’vi were close with their Banshees (dragons) and Direhorses (Pa’li). It shows how animals are really more than just animals and have their own beauty and story. 

We destroy our lands underwater or on land for more labor, homes, factories, and more when really doing all that we are just killing our earth more and more. 

A good example is at the beginning of the movie which shows the sky people landing back on Pandora completely burning and tearing up the land with their big robots and machines. 

It showed Neytiri’s pain and frustration towards that and that has a strong message for how we treat our forest and Jungles today. 

Watching how the four kids had a big role in this film I liked it a lot, especially the different relationship they had with the water Na’vi’s kids and how they handled the huge change and war against Quaritch. 


The Characters 

Now, this is the part I’ve been waiting for. Let me tell you I was so excited to get introduced to all these new characters and my opinion on them. 

First, let’s start with Neytiri and Jake. Seeing them as parents was something I’m sure we all were waiting for. 


I loved the way they both were brought up as parents. I know some say Jake was too harsh or mean but for me personally, I think he was a great father. 

He showed how much he cared for his family and wanted to protect them. As for his kids, he loved them so much and did anything to protect them. 

I know with how he was with Neyetam and Lo’ak some have mixed feelings but for me, I thought Jake was hard on them because he didn’t want them to be like him and make the same mistakes. 

Especially Lo’ak, he was so similar to how Jake was when he was young that he saw himself too much in him. 

He just wanted him safe and not make the same choices he did that could put him and the family at risk. 

Yes, I agree Lo’ak could’ve been heard and understood more but that all plays out in the end. 

As for Neyetam. He’s the oldest and you know the deal—the oldest must be the example or must watch and protect the younger ones. I get it. 

Jake just wanted him to set a good example knowing he was more similar to Neytiri and what you call the “calmer or more behaved son,” especially for Lo’ak. 

He could make wiser choices like Jake and wanted that for Lo’ak. I agree Neyetam shouldn’t have full responsibility over Lo’ak but you know not everything is perfect or it wouldn’t be a good family plot. 

Overall I think Jake had his reasons for what he did and how he acted with his two sons and in general, he only wanted good for them. He did it all out of love.

Jake’s character throughout the whole movie was strong. He just wanted his family safe and I love how they made him adapt to the water people and their ways. 

In the battle he fought against Quaritch, he never stopped even if he was tired he fought till the end and that’s what makes him special. 


I love Neyetiri as a mother. I loved how no matter what she states he was in she was strong and powerful. 

She was strict as a mother but more gentle. She always wanted the best for her kids and wanted the best life for them. 

She’s sacrificing her home in the forest just for the family and kids was something hard for her but as a mother—you do anything for the better and that was a strong moment. 

 Her character throughout the movie never changed but only became stronger. 

She went through hard changes and events throughout the movie and it only made her more powerful.

A detail I loved is how she never stopped riding her Banshee even with everyone else learning the waterways and the water animals she stuck with. 


The kids were the best part new characters. Neyetam was simply what you call a sweetheart. He was so calm and sweet and a character that stayed in your heart. 

He was a powerful and determined character with the personality of the protective big brother.

I loved how he always wanted to help out and be like Jake. He always took the blame for Lo’ak and I found that sweet for his character. 

Though the one thing I really liked about his character was the accent he had when he spoke compared to everyone else. 

Yes, his death is something I will never recover from but I do believe Cameron had to make some type of death which sadly had to be Neyetam. 

I mean what is a movie without a death that hurts the audience sometimes? 

I think the death was a good way to have a spicy twist for the third to see how Lo’ak and the family will react to Spider saving Quaritch. 

Although I wish I got to see more of his lovely character and personality, especially with Lo’ak as their relationship grows. I’ve learned to accept it and have some hopes of him coming back in the third. 


Lo’ak was definitely a favorite for me. His character has so much more meaning behind him than we think. He was a character that showed a side nobody else had. 

His personality is very reckless yet fearless. He wasn’t afraid to fight in big situations one would usually be scared to be in. 

He was similar to how Jake was when he was his age like in the first movie. He has reasons behind his actions but he’s also still a kid and learning. 

I loved his character so much because no matter how many times others didn’t believe him he stood with what he knew and never assume anything without knowing the truth. 

He always wanted to help the ones he loved no matter how he had to do it. 

He spoke in a way that felt modern, especially today which I thought was cool and makes it a bit more realistic. 

I know how much he really did love his siblings, especially Neyetam and I know for a fact he blames himself for his death and regrets what he said to him but in the end, it is not his fault. 

He wanted to save a friend and his brother helped him there was no telling what could’ve happened. 

Overall I loved his character and I can’t wait to see how his character develops in the third movie.


Kiri was a character meant to represent Grace from the first movie, and Kiri is her daughter whom the Sullys took in as theirs. 

Kiri’s character is very special and unique. She has a strong connection with Ewya and throughout the movie, it shows her development with Eywa and her skills. 

Her personality is very feisty and strong. Definitely has some sass to her but yet is soft and special for nature like her mother. 

She is different from the rest and that makes her special. She always wanted to improve more with her ability and connect more with nature, the water, and Eywa when they moved with the water clan. 

She was brave and unique and I enjoyed her character and watching it grow. 


We love little Tuk. She is the youngest sibling of the Sullys. The whole movie she was bright and happy and always had a brave spirit. 

She was brought into every mess that happened which made her a lot stronger knowing her age. 

She had a positive attitude throughout the movie and always wanted to help and be a part of the battle. 

Her character was very sweet and cute and I can’t wait for her to grow and change in the next coming movies. 

Ronal and Tonowari 

Ronal and Tonowari were the leaders of the water clan called the Metkayina and also the parents of Aonung and Tirseya. 

Ronal was a trust-the-process type of character to me. At first, she comes off as rude and mean which she was a bit but later on you understand her situation and where she comes from. 

She is just a tough woman and was afraid for the safety of her people and family. 

Her character was understandable and wasn’t my favorite but she did her part.

I liked Tonowari’s character. He understood their situation and wanted to help them out. 

He was kind and helped out Jake and the kids. 

I say his character was cool—I do wish he would’ve listened to Lo’ak more but you know, it makes sense.


I loved Tirseya so much. She was so kind and loving. She was a beautiful character and love the small romance she had with Lo’ak. 

I loved how she was happy to have different Na’vi in their home and wanted to help them. 

She was excited and happy to show them their waterways and teach them. 

Her character was sweet and beautiful. Her personality was definitely one of my favorites.

One of my favorite scenes from Tirseya was her speaking with Lo’ak and understanding him. 

Telling him “I see you” just stayed with my heart.  I can’t wait to see the romance between her and Lo’ak grow.  


Definitely, here’s someone that tested my anger issues but later I guess he can be understood. 

He is the brother of Tiresya and had quite the bully personality. 

He was mean to most of the Sullys and made of them for a part of the movie. 

Leaving Lo’ak to die was for sure something I didn’t let slide but anyways he gets better you can say in the end but definitely not a favorite for me. 


Now I completely understand why people may hate Spider’s character because of saving Quraitch but people who hate his character simply don’t understand the story and the point of Spider’s character. 

Spider is just a kid himself just like Lo’ak, Neyetam, and the rest of them. 

His whole life he’s been different and never had a place to fit in. He grows up alone and was raised by lab workers. 

Of course, he loved being with the Sully, and growing up with them he saw them like family but he still knew he would never fit in. 

For once he felt like he could possibly connect to someone even if they weren’t exactly human the fact Quratich was still the closest to his father meant enough for him. 

Also, to keep in mind, he spent days with Quaritch. A lot of change in a few days he had time to connect and know Quaritch a bit. 

Though no matter how much he was with him he still always chose the Sullys and didn’t like everything Quaritch did. 

He still went against him multiple times throughout the film. 

So to me he is just a kid confused and doesn’t know where to fit in but still loves the family he grew up with but doesn’t want to risk losing the closest person he has to his dad. 

I don’t hate his character; I think personally his character was great and it was a good character to add to the movie to have more spice or conflict. 

Also to be honest they had to keep Quaritch alive in some way to have more action and conflict for Avatar 3

Now I’m not saying I’m not upset about what he did because yes I wish he didn’t save him and shouldn’t have for what he did but I do understand why he did it and it makes sense he did.


I think we all know straightforwardly how this will go. Like I said before I think it was cool to have him return in the way he did. 

I believe it made a good plot twist even though I ranted half the movie with him. 

Having him connect with Spider to match his character makes sense. 

Am I mad he got saved after Jake worked so hard to kill him? Yes yes, I am but again recognize how he brings excitement and thrills to Avatar 3 and how he returns with his next move toward the Sullys. I enjoyed his character in this movie and I think it was a good plot twist.

Final Thoughts  

Overall Cameron once again impressed me with this movie and I can’t wait to see the third one unfold after releasing the third movie will be about a fire Na’vi clan. Cameron mentioned how he wanted to show how not all Na’vi is good and show other parts of Pandora. So I’m really excited about the upcoming third movie said to be released in 2024. I’m ready to see another side of Na’vi but this movie Avatar: The Way Of Water is definitely a favorite on the movie list for me!