Outer Banks Brings Back Summer And Beloved Characters But Leaves Out Depth

Outer Banks Brings Back Summer And Beloved Characters But Leaves Out Depth

Alina Miller, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ask someone what they did last weekend and most people’s response will have something to do with watching the new season of Outer Banks.

It came out in late February, and with all this rainy weather recently, it gave those who haven’t already watched it a chance to binge it at home. 

Many, including myself, miss summer and experience mood changes due to the cold weather, so it feels good to watch a show like OBX and get to feel the vibe of summer. I think what’s good about shows like that coming out in winter is it gives us that taste of summer everyone craves. 

This season most definitely had a different feel in comparison to Season 1 and 2. 

In the earlier seasons there is a larger emphasis on personal relationships and friendships, whereas Season 3 felt more focused on John B and his dad looking for lost treasures. After his dad was revealed to be alive in Season, John B has a hard time dealing with it, as his dad has a whole other side of him John B didn’t know of.

I think what was special about Season 3 was that we got to see a different side of the characters and got a deeper look into their emotions and vulnerabilities.

Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, had an identity crisis, and though people say this season she didn’t seem like herself, I think that was intentional considering everything she went through with her dad and her brother.

The relationship between Sarah and John B (Chase Stokes) also wasn’t great this season, and we didn’t get to see them together much, which could be due to their chemistry being off after the actors broke up in real life.

We didn’t completely miss out on seeing relationships starting to develop though. There’s been a lot of online momentum towards JJ and Kie have been getting shipped together. And whether this always was the plot or producers just decided to listen to fans, we did get to see them start to explore their relationship more this season.

JJ is a beloved character with a complicated past. Having an abusive father and no legitimate parental figure, he had to grow up fast on his own. He has a hard time opening up to people and is scared of getting close which comes from his fear of abandonment, it was interesting to see him show this side of himself more openly to Kie this season.

Another beloved character Rafe, played by Drew Starkey, seemed to be shown differently in this season. It showed a more vulnerable and empathetic side of him, since in the previous seasons he was made to be a villain.

Overall, this season was not my favorite because I think when producers attempt to add more seasons and keep the show going, it becomes less interesting to watch. It was renewed for Season 4, but I can’t think of another interesting plot story they could add. 

With that being said, it’s still a good watch and a good reminder of summer—so whoever hasn’t seen it yet, should check it out.