Youtubers are taking over the entertainment world


Tania Paz

Youtubers at Girls Night In at the Nokia Theater in September.

Tania Paz, reporter

A group of young Youtube stars recently performed together at Club Nokia Downtown. Girls Night In on Sept. 23 featured Meredith Foster, Alish Marie, MyLifeAsEva, Sierra Furtado, Mia Stammer and Andie Case. Case opened up the show performing two of her own songs and a few cover songs.

Case covered songs including “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo, “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift, and she ended her performance with “Last Love Song” by ZZ Ward.

After a short break, the other five fashion and beauty bloggers performed a scripted show, which was prepared for them. They also did some game activities and brought some fans on stage to join them. They performed what they do in their Youtube videos, but instead they did it live with the help of fans. Some activities included the whisper challenge and smoothie challenge. They later explained what motivated them to start their own Youtube channels.

Several of them said they created their videos to deal with self-confidence problems or they just enjoyed entertaining people.

Overall, Case’s performance was great and the other six girls’ show was motivating and entertaining. The Girls Night In performers were motivational, saying anything can be done and to not give up and to try something new.