New South Park Season Ends Short And Sweet


Commissioned by Stacy Carranza

Jojo Ceja Diaz, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

South Park’s 26th season wrapped up this March. 

It starts off with a special Valentine’s day episode when Tolkien and Kyle become legends at school for their TikToks, and Stan Marsh feels left out. Meanwhile, Cartman and “cupid ye” (little cupid version of Cartman) step in to put a stop to preserve the friendship.

The following episode follows the Prince of Canada. After being attacked by the Canadian media, he and his wife find themselves in South Park in hopes of finding some privacy and seclusion since going on a royal tour. 

Butters and Kyle step outside their comfort zones on their coming of age journey to change their personalities to be more likable and “outgoing” with their friends. 

Episode 3: Randy Marsh is talked into purchasing a luxurious Japanese toilet and can’t stop bragging about it to poverty ridden hoodlums. Stan, his son, is left to deal with the outcome. 

Episode 4: Clyde introduces Stan to ChatGPT, an artificial-intelligence chatbot, to communicate to his girlfriend Wendy but soon realizes he can use it for his school essays. The school calls in an expert to deal with the filthy cheating scum, almost exposing the secret ChatGPT enthusiasts.

Episode 5:  Butters gets a job as an ice cream man and inspired The South Park boys, Cartman and Kenny, to renovate and open a restaurant called DiKimble’s Hot Dogs. 

Episode 6: Mr. Garrison takes Rick away for spring break and ends up rallying as a former president. Meanwhile, Randy and Stan Marsh are left home alone, so Randy decides it’s time to rave without the pestering presence of women.