Review: Venice Film Club Shows ‘The Social Network’ In Auditorium

Billy Quinn, Reporter

Reading Time: 1 minute

Venice High’s very own Film Club hosted its first ever film night with its screening of The Social Network Friday, May 12.       

The event was smooth sailing, with the film starting pretty much at 6 p.m. on the dot, and everyone was out of there by 8 p.m.  

Despite the limited turnout, the people that did go certainly had a fun time, watching a great film in a beautiful auditorium at our school. 

The themes of the film seemed to juxtapose the themes of this event overall. The Social Network explores ideas of greed, friendships, corruption, whereas the event was that of community, togetherness, and education.  

The Social Network is a modern classic, and an undeniably great film. Director David Fincher managed to make the seemingly mundane topic of Facebook into 120 minutes of captivating storytelling (which is nothing new for him). Jesse Eisenberg, playing the role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, truly stole the show and did a fantastic job. 

The film follows a young Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University and the controversial conception of Facebook, as he tries to navigate the life of a young businessman. Eventually Zuckerberg loses sight of what’s important and falls out of touch of what’s important to him, his relationships. 

Before the screening, history teacher Lenny Beckerman—Film Club’s adviser—gave an introduction to the film and Fincher’s work. 

This year, the Film Club was tasked to analyze five directors, with Fincher being one of them. Before becoming a teacher, Beckerman worked as a producer in Hollywood for 18 years.

“I always felt like I was going to become a teacher after,” he said. “I feel good about being a mentor and positive role model for students.”

This screening was a great start for the Film Club, and future screenings will only be more successful.