In New Music We Trust

In New Music We Trust

Yesenia Vargas, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Canada has brought out the best of the best to the music scene this past summer.

Toronto’s very own Drake released “Hotline Bling” while Justin Bieber had his recent comeback with “What Do You Mean?” In the midst of all these big name artists, there’s always one hidden gem. Canada’s hidden gem happens to be Alessia Caracciolo, known as Alessia Cara.

The 19 year-old started her career by posting covers on YouTube, just like any kid can do nowadays. Her covers caught the attention of Def Jam records, which is home to artists like Alesso, Jay-Z, and Jhene Aiko.

Caracciolo’s life has changed ever since she signed with Def Jam last year by successfully putting her name out there. Last month she debuted her Four Pink Walls EP, which is not a single nor a full album. An EP is a miniature album that contains little number of songs. It gives the public an opportunity to get to know the artist before their full length album is out. Just like that, Caracciolo has gained much more fame than before. Even the ever-so popular Taylor Swift has approved by praising her music through a tweet.

Her soulful EP Four Pink Walls is composed of five tracks and dropped on August 28. Each track tells a story or experience the teen has gone through. There’s no doubt how talented this girl is. Caracciolo’s raspy smooth voice is original and direct like nothing heard of today. She is a mixture of Amy Winehouse’s voice with a bit of Lorde’s tone and passion.

The most popular song on the EP is “Here” which is based off a bad party Caracciolo experienced at age 16. In the song, she talks about how uncomfortable and awkward she felt and that she’d rather be home instead. “Here” has related to so many listeners that they’ve wanted more of her.

The best songs off Caracciolo’s EP is the sweet “Seventeen.” This song could be the most relatable to all teenagers today. Caracciolo dramatically proclaims how she could “freeze the time at seventeen.” She wishes she could have taken advice her parents gave her seriously because now she knows what they’re taking about.  Many teens today cannot wait to grow up and be independent. What they don’t realize is that once grown up, you don’t depend on anyone, so when they’re stuck in life, then that’s on them.

Caracciolo sings about various topics on her EP like body image, finding yourself, and growing up. Her first full length album Know It All is set to release this fall.