Oh Wonder


Yesenia Vargas, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As various music publications start to crank out their artists-to-watch list, there is one band in particular that music lovers should keep their eye on: it’s Oh

Wonder. Oh Wonder is the London based alt-pop duo of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West.

Oh Wonder released their debut self-titled album back in September 2015, but the album is starting to get more recognition. What makes the duo unique is the female and male vocals meshing together in unison. The elements of silky pop surround the soft voices. Little snippets of R&B are mixed in with electronic synths to give Oh Wonder that special sound they convey.

The art that comes with Oh Wonder is also something different

as their music videos are aesthetically pleasing. Their YouTube video for “Lose

It” is filled with the message of spontaneity. Oh Wonder auditioned five

dancers to be apart of the music video. Little did the dancers know backup

dancers will appear to propose creativity in their dance routines.

The lyrics say “Find a place and lose it. You can do it. Won’t you dance

with me?” and the duo excellently captured and embodied those words in

life. The video was something refreshing to see on the Internet. The creativity and thought that was put into it is obvious in the video.

Their music is also relatable to listeners. As Valentine’s Day is

approaching, many would like to delicate “Without You” to their significant

other. The song goes into details of feeling lost without the presence of

your significant other. While “Drive,” on the other hand, is

the opposite, saying “But I can’t help but drive away from all the mess you


They even have support from Youtube sensation Troye Sivan when he mentioned Oh Wonder in his song “Suburbia” when he sings, “Yeah, there’s so much history in these streets. And mama’s good eats. Oh Wonder on repeat.” The duo started 2016 with a successful North American tour, including two sold out dates in Los Angeles. Oh Wonder is definitely a group to keep on your radar.