Almond McKinley, reporter

The Robotics Club is a club for people who love science, math, or engineering. The group would build robots for competition. The club is run by Mr. Brent Rojo and they meet on Thursday after school in Shop 1B.

In the past, the club was funded by companies like Google. Unfortunately, the club is no longer being funded by Google so the money isn’t flowing like it used to, Mr. Rojo explained. Due to this situation, Mr. Rojo is considering changing the club to an all-around engineering club.

His idea is to keep the club interactive by “still competing in things that are STEMM-like activities and still be competitive.” He welcomes all students but he made it clear that this club takes a lot of time and commitment from students, teachers, and parents.

If the club is changed to an engineering club, the meeting day may possibly change to Wednesday because he wants to accommodate the students and himself as well to ensure that many people can show up.