Celebrities Can Be Good Samaritans

Jennifer Romo, Reporter

Celebrities are often criticized by the media for not setting good examples for their fan base. It’s laughable to see how the media always manages to bring out the worse in celebrities but not show all the good they’ve done. Celebrities are watched by the whole world for entertainment, but they’re just normal human beings, so obviously they’re going to have problems and make bad choices sometimes. They will make mistakes. Who are we to judge them for something we have experienced ourselves before? We should just see the good they have done.

For example, singer Taylor Swift is always being judged for dating a huge amount of guys. But many choose to ignore the millions of dollars she has donated to charity and about her paying for some fan’s college tuition, reported by “Huffington Post”.

In another example, singer and actress Demi Lovato has been judged for her drug and mental health problems and people still criticize her for not getting the help she needed. These same critics may not know she now co-owns the mental health treatment center where she was treated and gives out many scholarships for those who can’t afford it as reported by “People” and Lovato herself. Lovato has also saved thousands of people’s lives just by being so open about her troubled past and inspiring them to seek help.

From my experiences, celebrities always inspire me to get up when I’m down. If it were not for Demi Lovato’s music and encouraging words, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Celebrities inspire kids to dream big and to follow their dreams. Those who can’t realize all the good celebrities do for society aren’t seeing all of the differences they make.