Homeshake Wants Some Fresh Air

Mireya Curiel, Reporter & Photo Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Peter Sagar, also known as Homeshake, is a Canadian alternative artist. In the past, he toured with Mac DeMarco’s live band as the guitarist but has left and created his own music since. He now has released his latest album “Fresh Air.” Homeshake’s new album, “Fresh Air,” was released Feb. 3. He has previously composed alternative rock albums with “Fresh Air” becoming his first R&B album.

“Fresh Air” contains 14 suave songs, they each have a unique rhythm and instrumental sound. This album contains the largest amount of songs compared to his previous albums. Many had anticipated this album because he announced his new album and released a single, “Call Me Up,” from the album. He was also going into an R&B direction and going to be very different from his past albums.

“I like his new album because it’s a themed album about fresh air and the tunes are pretty groovy,” said junior Johnny Ramirez. “It’s something new and he’s found his own sound.”

You could buy Homeshake’s new album on iTunes. It is also on vinyl, tape, and CDs!