13 Reasons Why Review

Barbara Polesi, Reporter

The hit Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” had a great impact on Venice High School students, as many felt the story was very relatable to high school in real life. The show, which came out on March 31, is adapted from the novel written by Jay Asher. “13 Reasons Why” is currently the number one watched show of 2017, according to IMDb.

In the Netflix series, high school student Hannah Baker explains, through cassette tapes sent to the 13 people involved, the reasons why she committed suicide. For the most part, Baker’s reasons involved bullying at her school, which sadly happens in real life. For this reason, many of Venice High School students liked the show and were able to relate to what happened to Baker.

“I really liked this show because it shows how the little things someone says, many times just as a joke, can actually hurt someone else,” said junior Jessica Hernandez. “I see it happening all the time in school: small mean comments, jokes we make thinking they won’t affect anyone, but they do.”

Even though schools talk about bullying a lot, the show has definitely brought awareness about bullying and its consequences to the attention of students, their parents and teachers.

“It shows how people bully others and don’t take it seriously,” said junior Lourdes Moreno. “It made people think twice about their actions.”

According to students in the Margaret’s Place peer leadership program, the show has been a big topic in social media, and oppression and bullying were the theme of their Justice Week Campaign that was presented at Venice on April 27

To be frank with you, I actually was going through a really difficult time when [the show] started production,” Selena Gomez, executive producer of the show, told CNN at a Netflix panel. ” A lot of the issues these characters are experiencing are true. I would say yes, I’ve had to deal with it on a different scale.”