Top 5 Female Killers

Sonya Curiel, Entertainment Reporter

Reading Time: 5 minutes

When it comes to serial killers, most people would think of a man but what they don´t know is that some of the most ruthless killings have been committed by a woman. Here are the top five female killers who will show you to never mess with the wrath of a woman.

5. Lizzie Borden Massachusetts (1860-1927)
The murder case of the Lizzie Borden house is deemed unsolved. The bodies of stepmother Abby and father Andrew Borden were found hacked to death in their home in Massachusetts on August 4, 1892.
They were believed to be killed by a hatchet or an axe. Abby Borden appeared to have been axed 14 times and Andrew Borden appeared to be axed 11 times.
Lizzieś older sister Emma Borden was out of town at the time of the murders. Lizzie Borden was suspected as the murderer because she disliked her stepmom, the reason being that her father bought a house for her stepmom and her half sister instead of Lizzie and Emma. After collecting their father’s inheritance, they bought a house for themselves.
After the trial, Lizzie was proven not guilty but others believed she was. Others speculate that it was her uncle, since he was not seen from 9:00 a.m. until noon the day the murders occurred. Even if Lizzie committed the murder, she has gotten away with it and will always be remembered for the nursery rhyme. “Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one”.

4. Leonarda Cianciulli Italy (1893-1970)
Mothers will do anything for their children and would even go as far as to commit murder. Born in Italy, Cianciulli was a very superstitious woman believing in black magic, witches, curses, etc.
She was pregnant 17 times but had suffered three miscarriages and lost 10 of her children due to illnesses. She had four remaining children and became understandably overprotective. She was especially overprotective of her son Giuseppe who was eventually going to war. Being the superstitious woman she was, Leonarda went to a fortune teller who told her that she would have many children but would lose them all before she died. Being overcome with fear, she took a turn for the worst. With Giuseppe going to war she believed that if she killed someone they would replace her son Giuseppeś place in the afterlife. She would sacrifice middle-aged women who were vulnerable and hopeless.
The first victim was Faustina, who she convinced to move to the town of Pola to meet a middle-aged man to marry, but he never existed. Leonarda offered her a drink which she happily accepted which was a wrong decision. The drink turned out to be drugged. Once unconscious, Leonarda killed her with an axe and chopped the body into pieces. She confessed that she turned the remains into soap and used her blood as an ingredient for tea cakes which she would serve to guests and even consume herself. She would continue to kill two more victims the same way she did with her first until she was arrested and tried for murder in 1946. She died in 1970.

3. Miyuki Ishikawa Japan (1897)
Miyuki Ishikawa, also known as the Demon Midwife, was a Japanese serial killer who murdered many infants and newborns. The estimated number is over 100 infants.
She worked as a midwife at the Kotobuki maternity hospital and took care of many infants or so the parents thought. Since abortion was illegal in Japan many parents couldn’t financially support their children.
Miyuki soon became the director of the maternity hospital took on the role to ¨help¨ parents by letting their children die due to neglect. Her husband was her accomplice and created false death certificates to give to their parents. They worked together to try to collect the little money the children’s parents had as payment.
On January 12, 1948 police came across the remains of five infants by accident and soon Miyuki was arrested. Unfortunately, Miyuki only served 4 years in prison when she deserves a much longer prison sentence.

2. Madame Delphine LaLaurie New Orleans(1780-1849)
Dr. Louisa LaLaurie and his wife Delphine moved into their mansion in New Orleans in 1832. Madame LaLaurie was considered the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the city and every woman wanted to be her but sometimes even beauty hides a dark and ugly secret. The LaLaurie´s were slave owners. The slaves would come and go from time to time which rose suspicions about the LaLaurie´s. A neighbor saw Madame LaLaurie chasing a little girl with a whip and not only that but she also saw the girl jump off the rooftop in order to escape LaLaurieś torture. Police found the little girl’s dead body and Delphine was fined and forced to sell her slaves but she came up with a plan and arranged her friends and relatives to buy them in or der to get them back into her mansion. The torture continued until her mansion was lit on fire by a 70 year old black slave woman who tried to commit suicide so she wouldn’t face her LaLaurieś torture. When asked, she said she didn’t want to be taken to the uppermost rooms of the mansion since she saw so many slaves go in but never come out. Bystanders went into the room only to find a horrific scene. Slaves were chained up, gutted, and were still gasping for air. The people were enraged and tore up everything in the house. Delphine fled to Paris to escape persecution where she would live for the rest of her life.

1. Elizabeth Bathory Hungary (1560-1614)
Elizabeth Bathory, also known as the Blood Countess not only killed more than any other woman, but killed more than any other man as well and she tops the list of the most devastating murders. Born in a noble family on August 7, 1560 she would watch her father abuse peasants living in his estate. Seeing such things, she would always think that the life of a peasant was meaningless. She married at only 15 years and had a number of children. She soon took over her husbands castle as he went off to war. She had a thirst for blood and would offer young girls (usually peasants) jobs promising to pay them well. Once they step into the castle, Elizabeth would trap them and inflict as much pain as she could among them. For example, she would put needles on their lips, under their fingernails or would cast them out into the freezing snow naked and would douse them in water where they could freeze to death. She would even strap them down and bite a chunk of their skin from their faces. It was said that she would even go as far as to make the girls cannibalize themselves. Elizabeth soon believed that through her numerous sessions of torture , the blood from the young girls she was torturing was keeping her skin looking young and preventing it from aging. This drove her to kill even more victims. She would bathe in her victims blood until she got caught in 1610 but due to her noble status she never saw a trial. She died in a windowless room on August 21,1614.