Happy Death Day Review

Ariel Reyes, Entertainment Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“Happy Death Day” is an interesting film about a sorority girl named Tree, played by Jessica Rothe, who dies on the day of her birthday and wakes up alive to relive the day over and over again. Each time, she dies in a new way and wakes up in pain on a specific spot on her body where her baby-masked killer ended her life.

Although in the trailer, the movie seems to be in the horror genre, it’s far from it. The movie has a mix of heartfelt moments, shocking twists and a sadistic sense of comedy whenever Tree dies. The director, Christopher Landon, admits that the film does have sickening theme as she is murdered constantly.
The movie is not as predictable as the trailer implies, but offers multiple opportunities to crush the viewers’ idea on who the killer is.

Opinions of the viewers are bittersweet with the movie’s seemingly shortness, but Isabella Gaboury says, “It wasn’t predictable at all. It was scary sometimes, but there were some cute parts to it.”

“Happy Death Day” cannot be compared to any other horror films as it is not truly horror, but it does give the viewer the occasional jumpscare and laugh, which not many films can do. Overall, the film might get the heart racing from time to time, but it will mostly give dark comedic scenes and it gives a whole new twist to films that have characters reliving the same day over again.