Surprise Lab Inspection

Guadalupe Aquino, Staff Member

Venice High’s science department was recently stunned with a surprise lab inspection by the LA County Office of Education. On Oct. 4 , an inspector came to examine the quality of the lab equipment of all the science classes.
“Since it was a surprise we didn’t have a whole lot of time to get everything organized,” said department head Mr. Barry Vella.
Despite the lack of preparation, the science department still managed to get a good rating even though “it was difficult,” according to Mr. Vella.
Since Mr.Vella is the department head, he had to go from class to class with the inspector. While doing so, they had to make sure all science classes had the right amount of lab equipment that was needed.
Although many thought that the lab inspection was based off of safety regulations, that was not the case. This lab inspection was solely based on inventory of lab tools.
Venice High School is not off the hook just yet. They are expected to have another lab inspection in which safety in every single class will be taken into account.
“There is going to be a safety inspection and it’s not just science,” said Mr. Vella. “It’s going to be the science stockrooms and even every classroom.”
Once again it’s going to be the element of surprise that determines whether Venice passes or doesn’t.