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Adamarys Abad and Vayran Martinez, Reporters

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Intro to Data Science or IDS has been a class in development by Brent Rojo for the last 2 years, and the time came for this class to be a reality at Venice High School. Although this class does require much comprehension in math, it is still one of the most interesting classes to take.
“Not all students have a great experience with math, so we thought we’d help them out,” said Rojo. “Students have taken this class very seriously and are very connected to class.”

This is a 21st century class and so far has been very successful in teaching students the fundamentals of IDS. Mr. Rojo compared the course to a statistics class.

This class teaches students the Language R-Data which has to do with graphics. This is just one of the classes Mr. Rojo teaches. He also teaches computer science and engineering for STEMM.

This class isn’t like your typical math class. Intro to Data Science is a “look at” course, in which you get a computer before the period starts then follow Mr. Rojo’s instructions. Students do labs and learn the basics of IDS.

Most students who take a math class often say “When will I ever need this in the future?” Well, IDS teaches fundamentals that are widely used among statisticians and data miners who develop statistical software for search engines, digital advertising and image and voice recognition.