Demi Lovato “Tell me You Love me” Review

Jennifer Romo, Entertainment Editor

Demi Lovato’s sixth studio album “Tell Me You Love Me” was released on Sep 29. The album consists of flinty, flirty R&B music that’s just as thrilling hushed as it is full when it is blasted.
Lovato’s first single “Sorry not Sorry” has been her biggest hit yet. According to Lovato, the song is “a song to the haters. It is basically saying I am good now, I am sorry I am not sorry that you may not be loving where your life is at the moment.”
Although “Sorry not Sorry” is a fierce single, song tracks such as “Tell me You Love me” and “You Don’t do it for me Anymore” prove that she still has a heart. “You Don’t do it for me Anymore” is about Lovato’s previous drug addiction. She basically says that she will never go back to the dark phase in her life, when she forgot who she was as a person.
“Tell Me You Love Me” shows a side of Lovato that has never been shown before. The songs are more personal than they have ever been. It is an incredible record — so honest, raw and filled with so much soul.
Although there are ghosts of traditional soul threaded through the record, the production is firmly modern, filled with electronic flair and allusions to hip-hop rhythms. It’s a sound that suits Lovato, who has never positioned herself as a retro-soul singer but has repurposed older sounds for a fresh audience. I rate the album a strong 10/10.