Cirque de Soleil: Luzia

Ariel Reyes, Entertainment Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“Luzia,” a Cirque de Soleil show currently in Los Angeles until Feb. 11, is inspired by Mexican culture and its beauty. The Mexican influence is shown by the performers as they represent animals in both air, land and sea.The show is narrated by a woman who sings in Spanish and a mute man dressed in clown-like clothing on an adventure.

Each performance combined amazing circus acts with a naturistic theme. A contortionist dressed in a purple snake-like leotard performed on a glass bridge and women dressed as chameleons swung from poles. There was also an aerialist at a makeshift watering hole as he spun in the air and women and men dressed as blue red and white birds who flew from one swing to another.

“It kind of scared me, but it was really cool,” said junior Tyler Stoner, who saw the show. Her anxiousness was understandable as the stunts left the audience on the edge of their seats.

Cirque de Soleil is a world famous circus that has been around for over four decades and currently has a majority of its shows in Las Vegas or on tour. It had also left an impact as they went to Asia, Europe and South America. “Luzia” will be at the Dodgers Stadium for those who are interested in seeing the show.