Gaming Club

Are you a gamer? Do you want to make friends who are interested in the same video games that you are? Join the new Gaming Club in room 120 every Thursday during lunch.

This club was started last November by junior Philip Lewis who approached Mr. Mario Sandoval with the idea. He started the club because he believes that a large amount of people enjoy video games and use them as a great way to relax and have a good time. Mr.Sandoval was glad to be the club’s sponsor since he used to help run a gaming club in the middle school he use to teach at.

There are currently around 25 members in the club but more members are welcome. New people will help to keep the club in existence and contribute to the development that comes with the start of a new club.

“It is a great way for students to get together and have friendly gaming competitions,” said Lewis. “I would recommend this club for anybody who enjoys gaming or anybody interested in getting into gaming.”

This isn’t like other clubs at school were it could feel as if you’re adding more work on top of school work. “This club exists for students to have to unwind and feel relaxed from the stress that comes from school,” said Mr. Sandoval.