Boys Basketball


Emily Salazar

Dion Moore, number 12, attempting to prevent opponent from passing ball.

Rebecca Halfacre, Sports Reporter

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After a tough 71-25 loss to Fairfax High School on Jan. 29, the varsity boys basketball team is now ranked number five in the Western League  with a 3-5 league record. They have had a better season than their record suggests. Besides losses against Westchester and Fairfax, the team’s two other losses have been to University by 3 points and LACES by 1 point. They have dominated rival school Palisades in both games this season.

The team performed well, but not to the best of our ability,” said Varsity Captain Nnaemeka Nwiwu. “Our coach tries extremely hard for us to execute plays on the court and win with the best strategy.”

The team takes advantage of this strategy using their height to score a lot of points in the paint which creates opportunities for outside shots by the guards.

Venice will play Hamilton at home on Friday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m.

We are expecting tons of fans and a great game,” said Nwiwu. “Our goals remain the same, finishing in the top ranking in our league, continuing through playoffs, and winning the city section championship.” Regular basketball season ends Feb. 9 and playoffs begin Feb. 11.