The Room is the Best Movie to Watch on Valentine’s Day


Mireya Curiel

The Room film title.

Sebastien Balembois, Sports Reporter

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During Valentine’s Day, couples often go out to see romantic comedies and let’s face it, many of those movies follow the same formula and often have a Hollywood ending. These movies are boring!

If you want to watch a beautiful work of art, I suggest you watch the 2003 film “The Room,” produced by, written by, directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau. The film is about a man named Johnny who is cheated on by his girlfriend Lisa with his best friend Mark. Wiseau’s performance as Johnny is the centerpiece of the film, and his screen presence recalls the charisma of Johnny Depp. If you’re still not convinced that this movie is worth your time, let’s see what some individuals think of the film:

“It was the most brilliant, riveting, depressing film I’ve seen,” said junior Trent Mersola.
The film deals with love, heartbreak, friendship, hilarity, confusion, depression, and betrayal. Greg Sestero plays Mark very well as a man who does not know his limits, starting a relationship with his best friend’s girlfriend.

Two scenes from this film are particularly beautiful: a scene where Johnny discovers that Lisa accused him of hitting her.“I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did not. Oh hi, Mark,” he says during the well-known rooftop scene, as he begins a conversation with Mark. Another great scene is one where a friend of Johnny recounts an event that happened where he forgot his underwear in Johnny’s apartment and Lisa’s grandmother showed it to the whole room to which Johnny replies “You must be kidding, underwear, I got the picture… That’s life!” in possibly one of the greatest quotes in any film ever.

Never has there been a movie more quoted than “The Room,” and once you see it, you’ll be quoting Johnny’s character for the next three years, which is precisely what I’ve done since watching it. The film just resonates with me on a whole other level. Every detail is perfect. From the way the characters throw the football around between scenes to the very realistic small talk between Johnny and other characters makes this movie worth a watch. Scratch that, I meant two watches.

In a perfect world, “The Room” would have swept The Oscars in 2003 and Wiseau would be a Hollywood star, but alas the world is not perfect.

So cancel your date to the local restaurant or movie theater, or whatever boring things you have planned and purchase or rent “The Room.” After all, it won’t hurt anyone. In the words of Tommy Wiseau, “You can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please don’t hurt each other.”