Film Review: A Quiet Place


Mya Gates

A Quiet Place

Ariel Reyes, Entertainment Reporter

A Quiet Place is a horror film that revolves around a family who is trying to survive by staying quiet.

The film is unusually quiet because the spider-like predators who come from another planet are only able to track their prey through sound so the family eludes attack by avoiding conversation and walking on sand for soundproofing. This suspenseful movie is uncommon as it does not follow the regular characteristics of having a buildup of intense music.

The father and mother, played by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, try to communicate with others and try to live normally as much as possible, while the two siblings played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, help their mother prepare to give birth.

One of the highlights of the movie was how there weren’t jump-scares every second and the few that occurred had a gradual build that would leave viewers tense or on the edge of their seats.

Theatres are always quiet when it comes to watching a movie, but when it comes to watching The Quiet Place, the audience becomes much more aware of the silence. Venice High junior Jocelyn Martinez Barrios said, “You started to realize how quiet it got. Some person started coughing and I actually flinched.”

Despite the intensity with the heavy silence and the creatures, it was also heartwarming on how the family worked together to take care of each other.

“It was a lot better than expected. It was really heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time,” said junior Isabella Gaboury.

For those who want to go see the movie, make sure not to go alone and be very quiet.

The Oarsman give this movie a 9/10.