Popular Gifts For the Holiday

Martha Velasco, Reporter


Electronics have been the most popular gifts for the last couple of years. TVs, iPads, iPhones, Ps3s, X-box and Android phones seem to be the top selling electronics for the holidays. People camped out for these items on Black Friday, because stores had special deals.
When I went shopping, I saw a lot of people rushing to get TVs. The holiday season is the perfect chance to tell you parents you need a better TV to play your video games on and the perfect gift to share with the adults in your life, if most of their free time is spent watching TV.
With the release of the iPhone 6 in September, it became another popular gift for this holiday. Many students at Venice High have the iPhone 6 and many are hoping to receive it on Christmas Day.
“People want electronics like iPhones, etc… and money,” commented senior Rene Lopez.
“My iPhone broke, so I hope I get the new iPhone 6 as my Christmas present,” said junior Eddy Moran. Even before the iPhone 6 was released, many were hoping to get their hands on this phone.
Accessories for Women
Jewelry is one of the top holiday gifts for women. Young men usually have no idea what their girlfriend or loved one wants, so they usually end up buying them a necklace or a bracelet to show their appreciation. Most young women would appreciate this, because they like to have accessories to match their outfits.
Do you have a younger brother or sister you need to buy a gift for? Consider buying them items from the movie “Frozen.” “Frozen” is a Disney musical that many young children enjoy. At the Disney store, Queen Elsa was the only doll from the movie Frozen that sold out.
When you ask a young girl which character is her favorite from Frozen, Queen Elsa is most likely to be her answer. For young boys, Olaf, the cute little snowman is their favorite.