“A Star is Born” will leave you in tears

Citlalli Martinez, Staff Writer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The film “A Star is Born” was an unexpectedly refreshing film. It is directed by Bradley Cooper, an American actor and filmmaker who stars in the movie as Jackson Maine, along with Lady Gaga, an American singer, songwriter and actress,  as Ally.

The movie felt very realistic. The performances in it were exquisite and the songs were brilliant and significant in moving the story forward. This year’s version focused more on the characters.

It stars Jackson Maine, a famous country singer who is privately battling an alcohol and drug addiction. After a show in California, he stumbles upon a drag bar where he witnesses a performance by Ally, a waitress and singer-songwriter. He instantly falls in love with her voice and appearance.

Ally had been giving up on her dream to become a singer until Jackson brings her onstage at a concert he invited her to. Ally goes on tour with Jackson and they slowly begin a romantic relationship.

As Ally’s fame rises, Jackson and Ally fight after he drunkenly voices his disapproval of her new image and music. Ally helps Jackson sober up and joins a drug rehabilitation program where he recovers from his addiction. Jackson apologizes to Ally and is confronted by her manager when Ally leaves the room.  Her manager tells him that he is the reason she is cancelling her tour. However, there is a twist at the end that will leave you in tears.

Keep in mind that the movie is rated R.

The Oarsman gives “A Star is Born” 4.5 stars.