L.A. Spooky Legends


Minerva Theresa

Los Angeles is home to a host of unsolved murders and creepy urban legends.

Sonya Curiel, Entertainment Reporter

Ah! Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Like any other city in California, Los Angeles has a very unique and long history to behold. But, not every LA background is as joyful as it seems. Sometimes, it can even get a little dark and spooky.

You’ve heard of the murderous Cecil Hotel as well as the haunted Queen Mary. Now, here are some more of the top four Los Angeles spooky legends that will send a chill down your spine.


The Black Dahlia

One of L.A’s creepiest murder mysteries, the death of the Black Dahlia was reported on Jan. 15, 1947 when a mother took her child for a walk in a LA neighborhood only to find a mutilated corpse that belonged to Elizabeth Short, a 22-year-old woman who dreamed to become Hollywood famous, only to have her life end in a tragedy.

According to a video by Buzzfeed Unsolved: “The Chilling Mystery Of The Black Dahlia,” there were at least three suspects, but one suspect seems to have stood out the most.

His name was George Hodel who had many accusations against him, even by his own son and daughter. He was very a skilled surgeon. Once interviewed by the police, Hodel said, “Supposing I killed the Black Dahlia. They couldn’t prove it now. They can’t talk to my secretary anymore because she is dead.”

Even with all the evidence against him, Hodel was still not found guilty, leaving the Black Dahlia as a chilling, dark, unsolved LA mystery.


Turnbull Canyon, near Whittier, Calif.

One of the greatest hiking trails in L.A. is said to have been the scene of some gruesome events such as satanic rituals, murders, kidnappings, ghosts appearing and KKK meetings, plane crashes and UFO sightings.

According to the Backpackerverse website article: “Prepare to Be Terrified, Turnbull Canyon Eternal Hauntings,” Turnbull Canyon was a battleground for Native American war, which ultimately cursed the grounds when it was taken over by the Spanish. The Native Americans refer to the place as Hutukgna,” meaning the dark place.

There was even an asylum nearby which eventually shut down due to its patients, mainly children, being kidnapped, according to WeirdUS.com


Santa Monica Pier Ghost

Wandering underneath the Santa Monica pier is a headless ghost who comes out at night to choke many people who go underneath the pier to use the restroom.

According to the online article, “11 Most Haunted Places In LA That Will Spook Every LA Girl,” employers heard footsteps walking across the boardwalk at night, yet upon investigation no one was there.


Elizabeth Lake, in Lancaster, Calif.

Elizabeth Lake is said to be the home of the Devil’s Pet. There is even a passage to the underworld deep into the lake.

According to Weird California’s article, ”The Monster of Elizabeth Lake,” the creature is described as having the neck of a giraffe, batwings and the head of a bulldog. People who got close to it said it smelled horrible and was at least 50 feet long.

The monster is said to make screeching noises in the night, preventing the people who lived near the lake from getting any sleep. It’s said that it devoured many of their animals, such as goats, sheep and rabbits. This has caused many ranch owners to sell their property in order to escape the Devil’s Pet.