Great Gift Ideas For This Holiday

Citlalli Martinez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The holidays are approaching and you only have a few more shopping days until Christmas. You probably have not figured out a gift for your loved ones. This list will help you find the perfect gift.

Video games
If you know your loved one loves playing video games, then you can buy him the latest video games. For example, the Read Dead Redemption 2 which retails for $59.99 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which is also $59.99. However, there are many sales events around this time of year and you can likely get a better deal if you look around.

You can never go wrong with clothing. I recommend gifting a windbreaker from Nike, which market from $65 or $75, or a jacket from Champions or Adidas. You can also buy graphic shirts from Spencer’s, Hot Topic, Target or  Zumiez.

A gift you can also include are graphic stickers from Zumiez or Xtreme Boardshop at the Westfield Culver City. The prices vary from $1 to $15 and sometimes can come in a 12-pack for $20.

Bluetooth speaker
Everyone loves to listen to music. They can use a bluetooth speaker in their house, while hanging out with friends or even while showering. The best part? Some are waterproof. If you are looking for a high quality speaker, you can go with the Beats Pill+ by Dr. Dre which displays for $179.95.  On Amazon, they have a variety of speakers that market from $9 to $199.

Earphones or Headphones
This is a great gift that anyone can use every day to listen to their tunes anywhere. If you want to spend the bucks for a worthy product then you can buy Apple Airpods which retail for $159 or buy the Beats headphones by Dr. Dre which retail from $199.99 to $699.99 depending on what you choose. But if you are on a budget, you can buy any type of earphones or headphones online for a great deal.

Gift Sets
These can vary from different places that offer sets, such as body wash, deodorant, perfume, lotion and makeup. Some places you can go to are Macy’s, Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, PINK, Target, Sephora, ULTA and Amazon. Macy’s perfume and cologne sets retail from $35 to $170. Sephora makeup sets go from $10 to $375.

Snapback or Fitted hat
This can be a great gift for someone who usually wears hats or if they are often outside. The hat can feature their favorite team, or it can be a brand name such as Adidas, Nike or Champion. You can also purchase fitted hats or snapbacks at Lids, Fanzz or anywhere online and in stores. Fitted hats at Lids retail from $6 to $99.99; their snapbacks retail from $5 to more than $100.

Gift cards
Lastly, gift cards are always a safe bet if you are out of time. They are available everywhere. Gift cards are versatile; your loved one can use them at clothing stores, restaurants or the movies. This can also gives them a chance to let the person choose what they really want.