Film Review: Venom

Julian Pinto, Reporter

**Warning: Contains spoilers**

“Venom,” a movie about investigative reporter Eddie Brock who becomes Venom, received bad critic reviews, but despite that, viewers say it’s good. So what is it? It’s neither; it isn’t good, but it isn’t that bad either.

The movie, released Oct. 5th, stars Tom Hardy as Brock and the soundtrack features rapper Eminem. Although people cannot agree if the movie is good or not, the fact that it was a success is undisputed. The movie had an estimated budget of $100 to $116 million and has so far made almost $500 million.

The movie’s biggest flaw is that it was made to have a PG-13 rating despite being an inherently edgy movie. The fight scenes are censored by constantly switching between cameras and panning to avoid gruesome parts.

Some parts of the movie make no sense. Towards the end of the movie, for example, Brock is separated from Venom (who sees humans as a source of food). When they randomly get reunited in the woods, Brock makes out with Venom, who’s now using Brock’s ex Fiancé as a host, Venom then betrays his species and wants to save earth completely out of nowhere.

But as said before the movie isn’t all bad. Some of Brock’s conversations with Venom are actually funny and the special effects used in the movie are also generally good.

Overall it isn’t the best movie but if you’re just looking for a movie to watch this isn’t a bad choice.

The Oarsman rates this movie 2.5 stars