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Nevan Campos

Japanese-American songwriter Mitski Miyawaki performs in Los Angeles.

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Mitski Miyawaki, known as solely Mitski to the music world, held her sold out LA concert at The Wiltern on Nov 7. Though she has been critically acclaimed for a while, the release of her last album, “Be The Cowboy,” has increased her popularity and made her more visible to the public. The success of her tour, titled the same as her recent album, will be the force to propel her into stardom.

The concert opened with a playful performance by New York based electro-pop duo Overcoats. The pink and purple strobe lights gave the entire venue the feeling of a fun party, the audience couldn’t help but dance to their thumping music. They ended their performance with hugs between the two singers and cheerful thank-yous to the crowd. After a brief intermission, the lights had dimmed, and the audience swelled in applause for indie-rock queen Mitski.

The experience was just as much of an art installation viewing as it was a concert. Mitski’s on-stage set of vertical screens displaying shots of the ocean’s horizon, desert roads, the moon against the sky and trees rustling outside of a bedroom window set the mood for her unique performance. She captivated her audience with her recognizable voice reminiscent of a somber singer of the 1950s and her random, erratic outbursts of movements. She performed songs from her recent album and original music from the music-sharing site Bandcamp.

From the pit, a random voice yelling “I love you, Mitski!” could be heard in between the pauses of the music.

The highlights of the concert were her performances of her hit singles “Nobody” and “Two Slow Dancers.” A few individuals in the audience were moved to tears due to her powerful lyricism, including myself. Other notable moments were hearing “I Bet On Losing Dogs” off of her album “Puberty 2” and “First Love/Late Spring” off of “Bury Me At Makeout Creek” live, some of my personal favorite songs.

Mitski said her goodbyes with a big smile and sent the audience off with one final performance of a song from her Bandcamp days.

The concert was a magical experience I could have never prepared myself for. Mitski is a unique force of nature with such powerful lyrics, you can’t help but either cry your eyes out or dance wildly.

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“Be the Cowboy” Album Cover Art.

If you missed the concert, be sure to check out Mitski and Overcoat on Spotify. You won’t regret it.

The Oarsman gives Mitski’s “Be The Cowboy” tour 5 stars.