What’s Trending at Venice High

Minerva Theresa, Features Editor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you’re in high school, chances are, you have seen at least one of these items on your fellow classmates. Want to keep up with the trend? Keep reading.


Hydro Flasks

Julia Escobar

These aesthetic water bottles are a staple for many at Venice High. The brand carries a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from as well as accessories such as a bottle strap. You can even customize a bottle before buying it online. Also, these bottles are rather expensive, with a standard water bottle typically starting at $30. The bottle’s steel exterior also makes it easy to dent them when dropped accidentally. However, there are many perks to owning a highly coveted Hydro Flask when compared to its cons.

“I like how it keeps water at a nice cool temperature especially when it gets hot,” commented senior Alissa Okada.

Thanks to Hydro Flask’s TempShield™ double wall vacuum insulation, which eliminates condensation, the bottle keeps cool water cold for hours. Also, its powder-finish exterior makes it easy to hold onto, even when you have sweaty hands. Students also like to plaster their bottles with unique stickers to make them their own.



Julia Escobar

Originally released in fall 2016, Apple’s wireless earbuds didn’t emerge as a huge trend until recently. They look just like Apple’s default earbuds sans wires. According to Apple Insider, the company sold over 35 million pairs of earbuds.

Owning a pair of AirPods brings on many exciting new features and conveniences to a user, such as easy charging by simply placing them into their case. Users can also easily track down lost AirPods using the Find My iPhone app on Apple devices. The AirPods are even able to recognize when you are speaking, making the use of the Siri feature without pushing a button.

For senior Yuwan Kariywasam, there aren’t many cons to AirPods besides the need of using your phone to change the volume rather using the earbuds to do so.

These convenient and trendy earbuds will cost you a whopping $199 if you buy them from Apple.


Kanken backpacks

Julia Escobar

Although they are significantly smaller than traditional school backpacks, many students prefer Fjällräven’s Kanken backpacks over bags from brands like Jansport. Originally designed for Swedish school children, adults alike adore the bag’s boxy structure and minimalistic aesthetic. Don’t let its tiny size fool you; these miniature backpacks have lots of room for everyday items and are very durable.

“I had other backpacks before and they all broke eventually or ripped somewhere, but with the Kanken backpack, it hasn’t done so so far,” said senior Kyla Mored. “Even though it was expensive, it makes sense to buy one thing that costs like $80 than buy some backpack that breaks constantly for forty bucks.”


Pins or Buttons

Julia Escobar

No backpack is complete without pins or buttons. They’re easy to accessorize your everyday items with because they go with almost everything. Pins or buttons are also a great way to show off your personality and interests, such as TV shows. Many like to have pins that demonstrate their support for a cause or a community, such as one with pride flag colors or a feminist symbol. Other students, like junior Jasmine Vela, adore buttons with flashy colors or phrases referencing pop culture.

“My favorite things to collect are enamel pins. I usually buy vintage ones at the flea market because of how cool they look,” said Vela.

You could easily start a collection to swap them out. No such thing as too many, right?