St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Damian Hernandez, Writer

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    The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day originates from the Irish population in the United States of the 1730s, according to the online Encyclopedia Britannica . The Irish are mainly Catholic so when they immigrated to the United States they brought their religious roots with them. St. Patrick was a bishop who after his death became Ireland’s patron saint.

The first instances of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations began in the United States of America when Irish soldiers from the Revolutionary War organized St. Patrick’s Day parades.

           Tradition in the U.S. continues as Chicago is set to dye a portion of the Chicago River green. The United States Census explains that around “32.6 million US residents claim Irish ancestry”. There will be 13 million pints of Guinness ingested in the world as a result of over 30 million participants, according to USA Today writer Sean Rossman.

           The Irish influence on American culture is clear, and the best evidence is St. Patrick’s Day festivities.