Halloween Costumes For 2019


Daniel Ho, Layout/Web Editor

      As Halloween approaches, many students look forward to the opportunity to dress up to get in the Halloween spirit. But for many students, the question of “What should I dress up as?” always remains a problem. 

      While the classic costumes such as vampires, ghosts, and mummies are still an option, some new ideas for Halloween 2019 include the ever-popular, Tik-Tok famous, VSCO girl. The VSCO girl is famous for carrying around her Hydro Flask water bottle, multiple scrunchies on her arm, Birkenstock sandals, a way-too-big t-shirt, and saying her famous catch phrase, “sksksksks and I oop-.”

      “I think dressing up as a VSCO girl for Halloween is a really easy and cheap option for this year,” says senior Skye Dodd. 

      Another Tik-Tok famous option for this year is being an E-Boy. An E-Boy is someone who has a very dark personality, dyed long hair, painted nails, a striped long sleeve under a t-shirt, and a silver chain. 

       “Dressing up as an E-Boy is more difficult than the VSCO girl because with E-Boys, it’s more of a personality that defines them,” Dodd continues. 

       Other Venice students gave different advices about costumes. “I think that your costume should suit your personality,” says senior Frankie Sandoval.

       While you may be stuck on a costume right now, there is still a lot of time before the big day. Ask your friends what they are dressing up as, and try to get some ideas from them.