Seniors Struggle with Senioritis

Cinthia Hercules, Photo Editor

It’s senior year and I’ve been asked the same question several times: “How does it feel to be a senior?”

I usually just say it feels like I’m getting old, but it also feels like ‘Whoa! I’m finally about to leave high school behind.’

This is my fourth and last year at Venice. I feel pretty eager to walk the stage but it’s nerve-wracking at the same time.

To think that once that diploma is in my hand, I will no longer to deal with the routine of waking up early and trying to survive all six classes.

That’s the scary thing. High school can either destroy your future or make it a successful trip.

The worst thing about senior year is when senioritis hits! Seniors know the feeling: dealing with high school since freshman year and just wanting a break from everything since it’s the last year.

We feel as if we worked hard to get this far and just need it easy for a while. That’s when slacking off and being lazy comes in.

Senioritis usually hits second semester because it’s close to the end, but it’s the worst time to get it because it can affect college acceptance.

Those who plan to go to a four-year college can have their acceptance denied. For those going to a community college, it might not matter as much, but it’s better to get good grades.

I unfortunately caught senioritis early. I got hit with it in October. I started getting really lazy about doing any work and the worst part was it didn’t bother me.

It hit me that I needed to make sure I passed when finals came along. I knew I couldn’t risk failing any of my classes.

I got my head to click and get to work and luckily I did well. Second semester has arrived and I’m pretty sure by March, senioritis will hit me again!!