Post Girls and Boys Basketball season

Mae Canete, Boys and Girls Basketball

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The basketball season is officially over with the boys and girls teams out of playoffs. Both teams qualified for play offs and were able to make the most out of their season.

The girls team lost in a close first round in an away game against Cleveland High School with a loss by 8 with a score of 48-53. 

 “We were the ninth seed and Cleveland was eighth. It was a very close game,” said Hannah Coffman. “We definitely could have won but we are definitely happy with how we did.”  

 It took some time but the the team was able to build bonds and play well together as a team. The seniors are sad to have played their last games and are thankful for the memories they have made being part of the team.

 “I’m really sad. Basketball has been a lot of fun,” says Chrissy Wakasa. “My high school experience would have been totally different if I didn’t play and I’m glad that I had basketball as an outlet.” 

With the season over, the team knows what they still need to improve in teamwork and bonding within the team for next year.

 “Chemistry is important for our drive and motivation so we can do better in the playoff seasons to come,” says Hannah. “Communication is also very important.” 

Despite there being no more games, the team continues to practice after school on Mondays and Thursdays 3:00-4:45 p.m. 

As for the boys, they defeated South Gate High School in their first playoff away game on Feb. 14. It was a close game of 53-50 with Venice winning by 3 points. 

Their next game was scheduled on Feb. 20 against View Park High School that was held at Serra High School because South Gate didn’t have the proper facilities and refused to play at Venice. Venice lost scoring 54 points to 67.

This season taught the boys that they need to improve in their teamwork and dedication. Bernard Perry has been given title as next year’s varsity captain.

 “We have to work on staying together through the season and not to get angry about putting in the extra time needed when it comes to practice and working out,” said Perry. “Putting in hard work is essential. That’s what our seniors taught us.”

It was tough for the team to say goodbye to their seniors.

 “I have been playing with them for three years now. I’m going to miss playing with them, all of them. They all showed good leadership and worked hard,” said Bernard. 

Overall, the last game was an emotional moment for the seniors. Seniors from both the girls and boys teams say that their last play off game was a great learning experience.