Swim season kicks off

Isaac Ng, reporter


The season for all the Venice High School swim teams kicked off on Feb. 17 in a road loss against Cleveland High School. However, only half of the Venice teams showed up for the meet, so they weren’t able to display their full potential and lost. And to make things worse, the Venice Gondoliers will not have a single home meet for the entire season, because they don’t have full access to the Venice pool, which also be closed for part of the season for roof repairs. 

Their next meet will take place next Monday on March 2 against El Camino High School. 


The swim teams get funds from selling snacks during home meets. But without any home meets, they won’t be able to get any. 


“No home meets means no snack shack pays.” said Coach Sophie Sabbah. “This would cut into our fundraising. Hopefully we can get more swimmers and divers to show up at the next meets, so we can show them what we are really made of.” 

Despite all these challenges, the girls varsity team, who has made the state finals every single year, remains optimistic and looks forward to another successful season. 

“It will be hard to practice, since we only have one coach.” pointed out captain Anne Combredet. “But I have confidence in us that we will make it once again.” 

Combredet also points out that the entire team is made up of newcomers, since everyone had graduated last year. 

“But we have lots of new talent and fast swimmers,” said Combredet. “And as long as we show up to practices and have dedication, which has been a problem in previous years, anything’s possible.”