Controversy between 5-G networks and COVID-19

Kelley White , Sports Editor

          Numerous individuals have been promoting fear-inspired notions about how the coronavirus spread so rapidly.  A ridiculous scam has spread that the  innovation of the 5G mobile network that runs cellphones could subtly be causing the virus flare-up. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. 5G permits quicker and stronger information handling and is viewed as a fundamental part of new interconnected advancements, for example, computerized vehicles and shrewd machines. 

          The controversy dates back to the 90s, when mobile phone usage was incredibly limited, and critics claimed the 2G airwaves could in fact cause cancer. Plenty of posts which appear on social media seem to fan the flames of those who believe 5G radiation can be the cause of the coronavirus. Could 5G towers be the reason for the virus spreading so rapidly? No. Radio waves can’t create a virus. More proof is that the coronavirus exists in countries that haven’t developed the 5G network, such as Iran, according to an April 9 story on CNN about the conspiracy theory.    5G has so far been developed in around 40 nations around the world, in addition to at least 30 US urban communities, including Los Angeles.

In March, Dr Thomas Cowan, a US doctor, claimed 5G poisoned cells in the body forcing them to excrete waste which eventually became known as COVID-19. The video, which went viral and was reposted by several celebrities, has been disproven by several scientists who questioned the validity of the evidence. It has been removed by YouTube.  

YouTube and other web-based social/ networking stages are finding a way to restrict the spread of paranoid ideas erroneously associating 5G systems and the coronavirus pandemic after a series of assaults on cellphone towers. An example being in the U.K where people are burning cellphone towers because they are being driven by false conspiracy theories as stated in the article “5-G Conspiracy Theories Trigger Attacks on Cellphone Towers” by Many Youtube videos have connected coronavirus to the building of 5-G towers. 

On the other hand Jason Kindrachuk, a virologist and Canada research chair in emerging viruses at the University of Manitoba said in an interview with CBC. “Viruses are not just debris. Viruses don’t just get created as a way to deal with poison.”

Many influencers such as Keri Hilson have also brought it to social media saying “People have been trying to warn us about 5G for YEARS. Petitions, organizations, studies…what we’re going through is the effects of radiation. 5G launched in China. Nov 1, 2019.” 

Coronavirus is spread through human-to-human contact and not radio waves. You can not get the virus through the use of technology as stated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website.