Anime: A Favorites Compilation


Haley Couch, Reporter

Anime is one of my favorite genres of television. You might know big shows like My Hero Academia, Deathnote, or Demon Slayer, but here are some anime that you might have not heard about. 

Baki Hanma 

When I am seeking good advice, one anime place I turn to is Baki Hanma

For example, this is what Yujiro Hanma, the father of Baki Hanma, said in one of the episodes: “Only by death is a true warrior defeated.”

In the show, Baki, a skilled fighter in high school, wants to beat his father in the biggest battle of all time. 

This anime was my life highlight when I first watched it. It’s still my top number one and the animation is superior.

Even though it’s different from the rest, the characters are well-designed and the love interest is well planned out. I enjoy the plot line and how the fights are sprinkled throughout the seasons and episodes. 

They go to the underground tournament and choose the rules for the massive fight that will happen at any time if they even see each other. 

Some characters swim, some steal a helicopter and fly there. One of the murderers even come to Baki’s school and they have a fist fight.

The only thing is the newest set of seasons were not the best because they do the backstory out of order. 

Fruits Basket 

Fruits Basket has three seasons on Hulu and it made me cry. This anime showed me pain and love in a different way.

At the beginning, a girl named Tohru Honda lost both her parents and lived with her grandfather, but that didn’t last long.

Tohru Honda was such a good character, and she was treated badly. The way the characters show emotions is the best I have seen so far.

The intro scenes, but also the outros were very well animated, and the music choices are great, too. They planned the anime very well and the plot line was very different. 

Assassination Classroom

Assassianation Classroom is about an octopus being a teacher of a class that no one likes. As it says in the title, the students are high-class assassins trying to kill their teacher before the earth explodes.

The S.W.A.T team gives ammo and guns that only hurt the teacher, not the students. (I thought it was weird to give high school students guns).

Then, the meanest teacher came out of nowhere and treated the students badly like he did to his members in the army. The octopus was named Koro-san because he is unkillable. 

The students made that name for him since Japanese is like our English. They didn’t know his actual name, because he didn’t have one.

It had a very strange ending and had a really big plot twist in the last episode. The characters were well made, but it was kind of rough around the edges.

The voice actors were well chosen, but I wish they would choose the characters more carefully because some don’t fit into the storyline.

Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in the Dungeon?

Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in the Dungeon? is such a weird anime. The title is long and I didn’t know what it was about—even by reading the title.

It’s about people in a game that make guilds with gods. A boy goes with a god and they go to the dungeon and fight monsters to gain levels.

It’s a gaming type of anime. It’s not my favorite, but the animation is well done.

 The girls there are powerful, not like other anime. The way they drew the girls weirded me out a lot and I felt bad for the girls. 

The clothes they put the girls in and the character design is something else. Hestia is one of the gods and her whole back is exposed!

It’s an RPG game in an anime. What happens if she gets stabbed in the back? 

I’m really concerned with the clothes chosen in the show. On one of the characters the whole bottom of the breast is exposed when wearing her armor.

The cat maids in the anime are well drawn and that is surprising from what I saw in the rest of the anime.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the most wholesome anime you can watch. It’s about a high school host club and there’s a trans man as the main character.

I believe that they showed LGBTQ+ support, which is a good way to help the community that watches it. I love the plot and the characters while also loving the personalities of each.

The stuffed animal Honey-senpai was holding the whole time throughout the show is one of my favorite characters. The colors are soft so it’s nice to watch at night.

For most of the show, I was confused about what’s going on, and the plot could have been clearer. The animation was nice to watch and the scenes were just perfect with the color story they used.