Cross Country

Rebecca Halfacre, Sports Reporter

On Sept. 26, the cross country team ran their fourth race of 10 this season. The race against Palisades Charter High School took place at Pierce College which according to Captain Priscilla Ruelas, had some more challenging courses.

“It was very hot,” said Ruelas. “Running there was very difficult going up the switchbacks and Crybaby Hill.”

“We hope to do well because we know there will be good competition that will push us to do better than we thought we could,” stated Ruelas when asked how she expected the team to perform at the next race.

The captain went on to describe what it is like to be in a race.

“Going through a race is a learning experience, battling shoulder to shoulder with someone and beating them with point something of a second really makes you think. Cross-country is an amazing sport that does not just teach the runner to be tough in the race but also in life.”

The overall goal for the cross country team this year seems to be improvement. When asked about their expectations for the season, both Captain Ruelas and Coach Vidal Sandoval shared their confidence in the team’s ability to improve.

“By the time finals come I’m very confident our team will be ready for the challenge,” said Coach Sandoval.