Cult of Chucky Review

Leslie Grijalva, Entertainment Reporter

“Cult of Chucky,” that was recently released on Netflix and DVD, is the newest addition to the horror franchise revolving around the movie “Child’s Play” that came out in 1988.The movie is the seventh addition to the franchise. One thing to be admired of the franchise is its ability to reinvent itself with each film. Each movie has been different and fresh. After the release of “Curse of Chucky,” fans of the franchise and critics were excited to see where writer Don Mancini and now director of the movies would take the franchise.

Tiffany and a grown-up Andy, who were among the main characters in previous Chucky films, return.
Fortunately, “Cult of Chucky” was able to pay off on what we longtime fans want. It introduces several creative elements to the plots that haven’t been seen before in the franchise in any form and it says a lot that “Cult of Chucky” is able to juggle so many elements at once and mostly pull it off.

Many did wonder if the film would end up being a lot funnier or not as scary as “Curse of Chucky.” But the tone is way more serious than expected. It is still funny, since the protagonist is a killer doll. The movie didn’t go overboard with the humor and it still had some gruesome moments. So it seems the franchise has found a way to balance out the horror and humor that the franchise had trouble doing before the release of “Curse of Chucky.”

The Oarsman gives “Cult of Chucky” a 10 out of 10.