Stranger Things 2 Review

Ella Kennedy, Entertainment reporter

Caution: Do not read this article if you haven’t watched “Stranger Things” season 2, you’ve been warned.

The wait is over for “Stranger Things 2,” a Netflix original suspense series that appeals to kids and adults. The main characters Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard, Lucas, played by Caleb Mclaughlin, Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo, Will, played by Noah Schnapp, return. We also see Chief Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, Will’s mother Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, and everyone’s favorite hero, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. The creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, exceeded fans’ expectations with a continuation of the first season.

The story takes place a year after Will Byers has returned back to the town of Hawkins, Indiana after being rescued from the Upside Down, a flipped, darker version of Earth. But not everything is back to normal as Will still has a connection to this upside down world, where the new threat of the season, a shadow monster dubbed the “mind flayer” has possessed Will.

Will’s friends and family race against time to save him from a bigger and badder monster whose goal is to widen the gate between reality and the upside-down world, and to ultimately eradicate human kind and take over their world. With the return of Eleven, fans get to see a background story of how she came to be, her mother, and another institutional patient named Kali, played by Linnea Berthelsen who shares similar abilities as Eleven.

This season delivered more action, a more complex storyline, a darker theme, and the introduction of new characters such as Max, a tomboy who joins the kids group played by Sadie Sink, and Billy, Max’s older step brother, the human antagonist played by Dacre Montgomery. Fans can also look forward to new relationships and a love triangle between Max, Dustin, and Lucas.

The writers absolutely nailed this season. Every storyline of this season made sense, each episode topped the previous perfectly, and fans were satisfied with the new and rekindled relationships. Everyone’s performance was absolutely incredible especially Schnapp portraying Will. Looking Forward to season 3!
The Oarsman gives Stranger Things season 2 a 10/10.