Taylor Swift “Reputation” Review

Jennifer Romo, Entertainment Editor

Taylor Swift’s third studio album “Reputation” album came out on Nov. 11. It’s been one year since Swift stepped away from the spotlight completely and she made an amazing comeback. The record has already been the bestselling album of 2017 within its first sales week, it has sold over one million copies.

Swift’s album shows a new side of Swift that has never been shown before. There are a couple of lyrical takeaways. One is that Taylor is madly, deeply, crazily in love which is not common for an artist to sing about in a pop album and a rare characteristic for Swift since the majority of her songs tend to be about heartbreak.

Swift also shows a vengeful side that she has never revealed before. She’s never really made songs about bashing people, but in her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” she’s on the verge of revenge. It’s grievious. She herself openly admits that her actions were fatal.

“Reputation” is Swift’s most personal body of work yet and yes spiritually this album seems very off the earth but the lyrics are thousands of feet into the earth. Instead of her being sad or not happy, it is about her being mad or very happy which honestly sounds way better, if you’re in the mood to be lightened up.

This is her best body of work yet musically and lyrically. Some standout songs
are “End Game”, “I did Something bad”,”King of my Heart”, “Getaway Car”, and “New Years Day”, they are all beautiful storytelling stories and are lyrically brilliant.

The concept of having half songs talking about her reputation portrayed by the media and another half talking about her side of the story is a unique concept which shows that not everything portrayed by the media is always right. And often the media is always providing a misconception of the true artist that Swift has always been since she started her career. She has definitely broken free from the media and is being her old self again, while showing control and power over her own life.

I rate this album a strong 10 out of 10 and would recommend that everyone listen to this beautiful lyrical piece of art.