Justice League Review

Vayran Martinez, Entertainment Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It would be an Injustice not to write a proper movie review to the first official DCEU team up film with four or more superheroes “Justice League”. Zack Snyder left us with a grieving ending in “Batman v Superman” when Superman was killed by the villain Doomsday.

This film picks up right where the other one finished. The city of Metropolis is in deep grief over the loss of Superman. At this point of the film Snyder already messes up the movie. The reason being, that in the last film, many citizens didn’t agree with Superman having so much power in the city, then suddenly in this film everyone in the city can’t survive without him, when it was very evident that more than half of the people in Metropolis disliked him,saying “he was no God.”

This movie fails to continue the story from “Batman v Superman” (which was the film’s purpose ).The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) has been trying to build a Cinematic Universe so many DC Comic fans can see their beloved comic book characters on the big screen fighting beside one another. But so far they seem to have failed with these films one after another, with the exception of “Wonder Woman,” which did great in both box office and critical reception.

“Justice League” does everything but bring Justice to the story. While some characters popped on screen, some failed. This film debuts a full-length role for both The Flash and Aquaman, two beloved characters with two very distinct responses from audiences. The Flash played by Ezra Miller made fans rejoice to see the scarlet speedster on the screen, where as Aquaman made people question exactly what he was doing in the movie, since his role was very dry.

“Justice League” currently stands at a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes but has a 82% on Audience Reviews.
Despite the weak writing, this film pops visually with both the action and the colors, which makes it a very entertaining movie. I would re-watch this film because it is fun, but not because of the story. If you are someone who has been waiting for the DC team up film, this is the movie for you. Justice League is now playing in cinemas, so you should Flash your way to the movie.