Weezer Amoeba

Sebastien Balembois, Sports Reporter

Amoeba Music is one of LA’s largest independent record stores and Weezer is one of LA’s most well-known bands, so it made perfect sense when Amoeba announced Weezer would be performing an acoustic show in their store Nov 1.

Although the show wasn’t advertised as heavily as Weezer’s other concerts, many fans lined up to watch them perform. Amoeba is relatively large for a record store, but it is small compared to the arenas in which Weezer usually performs, so the experience felt more personal than their usual concerts.

Oct. 27 the band released their album, “Pacific Daydream,” so the band premiered a few songs off the new album. In studio form, new songs “Happy Hour” and “Feels Like Summer” were vapid and boring, sounding like they were released by Maroon 5 or Katy Perry. However, when performed live and acoustically and freed of the soulless production of the album, the songs came to life and sounded more like Weezer themselves as opposed to a random pop band.

Besides those songs and “Mexican Fender,” the band performed hit songs from previous albums such as “Buddy Holly,” “Beverly Hills,” and “Island In The Sun.” However, the highlight of the night came when the band played “El Scorcho,” a song off their iconic “Pinkerton” from which songs are seldom performed.

Although the concert was a relatively short one, the combination of a local record store and a local rock band coming together for a night of great music made for a truly memorable night.