Boys Volleyball Season Commences


Emily Salazar

Yuki Ito, #14, about to pass ball to teammate

Sebastien Balembois , Sports Reporter

The boys’ volleyball team, led by coach Allen Hunt, has begun a season with some very high expectations with wins at University (3-1), at Fairfax and vs LACES.

The team’s overall record is 8-3, while their league record is 3-0, on pace to finish better than last year’s 17-18 overall and 6-4 Western League record.

Their next home game will be against Westchester April 5.

This season appears to be easier than previous years, as the only real threat to their success is juggernaut Palisades High School.

Captains Jesse Corona, Jake Nuesca and Jared Yuge all believe that this can be an excellent year for the team as they prepare for a championship run. Yuge strongly believes that they have all of the pieces for success.

“This year we have developed a very solid team with individuals who are hardworking and skilled enough to match up with any team in our section,” said Yuge. “Our focus at the moment is on the establishment of a strong starting core and the development of our team chemistry on and off the court.”