Baseball Team Continues to Work

Guadalupe Aquino, Asst. Sports Editor

Standing third amongst six other Western League schools, the Venice varsity baseball team continues to try their hardest to reclaim  the Western League Championship. With a current league ranking of 3-2, the team is driven to win the rest of their upcoming games.

¨ We basically have to go undefeated the rest of league to win league,¨ said Varsity Baseball Coach Kevin Brockway.

According to Coach Brockway the team has been struggling with their batting which in turn is affecting the teams´ performance.

¨Our bats have been struggling,¨ said Pitcher Jacob Manzella. ¨Once we get the bats going, we´ll win games for sure.¨

Despite this obstacle, the baseball players are still working towards ending the season with a ¨bang¨ as Coach Brockway says.

¨ Some ways we can improve is by working hard and practicing every day, ¨ said third baseman Bruce Yamamoto. ¨ If we don´t work hard in practice then we can’t improve in the game.¨

¨We need to stop fooling around,¨ said first baseman Andres Becerra. ¨We just need to go out there and handle our business.¨

The team is looking forward to winning their upcoming home games.  

Their most anticipated game is against rival Palisades on May 8 at home and May 10 at Palisades.