Reputation Tour Review

Jennifer Romo, Entertainment Editor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Just imagine a crowd of 60,000 people, two nights in a row shouting out the lyrics of old and  new Taylor Swift’s song s and going wild, proving the old Taylor is not dead. On May 18 and 19, Swift performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Fans from all over Southern California and other states showed up to the concerts with most of them dressed up as Taylor in red sparkling dresses and her junior jewels outfit from “You Belong With Me”.

She began the show with her hit song “Ready For It?” Everyone was so ready for it, as they were either screaming, dancing, or crying of happiness.

“You guys were so loud after the first song, I had to take an in-ear monitor out to really listen to it,” Swift said catching her breath after a fiery performance of “I Did Something Bad.” She looked at the audience, amazed and shocked at how cheerful everyone was.

Swift’s setlist consisted of her whole new music record “Reputation” as well as 10 other old songs including her hit singles “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me”. She came  out with a whole new production, the snake visuals were up on the panel screen and elaborate props were set up, but were not too distracting.

In order to make room in a two- hour show for so many of her hit songs, she mashed up many songs cleverly. She mashed up “Style” with “Love Story” and “You Belong to Me” early on in the set, later cleverly combining “Bad Blood” with “Should’ve Said No” and she took advantage of being solo on stage with her piano with “Long Live” which easily led right into “New Year’s Day.” This performance  was extremely emotional for the fans. Many were sobbing and singing along, because this is a special song that Swift wrote for her fans.

One of the highlights of both shows was when Swift brought Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX on stage to perform “Shake it Off”. The crowd lost it. Everyone got up on their chairs to get a better view of the performers and shake it off with them. Taylor was very intimate with her fans. Since this was a stadium tour, she had a main stage along with 2 B stages to be as close as possible with her fans. Taylor maintained extreme eye contact with her fans, when performing shake it off it was as if we locked eyes with one another when she was two rows away. No one in the audience could have asked for anything better.

On both shows Swift had surprise guests. On Friday’s show she brung Shawn Mendes on stage with her to perform “Mercy.” The performance was very fun, since the both of them were singing and dancing, encouraging the audience to do so as well. Saturday’s show was completely epic with both Troye Sivon and Selena Gomez joining her on stage. They performed Gomez’s hit song “Hands To Myself.” Keep in mind, Gomez has not performed on stage for two years so when she showed up, the crowd completely went wild. After the performance, Gomez made an emotional speech on how Swift and her family has helped her so much in life, and how glad she was about supporting her one true friend.

For her final act, Swift came out with “Getaway Car” and “Call It What You Want” before ending the evening with another mashup. This time she combined her breakup anthem “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with the explosive “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” Both shows were extremely spectacular, and one should definitely consider going to one of Swift’s shows if they ever get the chance for this one- in- a- lifetime experience.